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How will the product impact workplace design, and how the design influence people?
It’s not the size of a workstation that matters, but how to use the space intelligently. Products should  offer superior flexibility for limitless custom configurations for workspace,home or entertainment circumstances, retail, healthcare, and more. Products functioned with space-saving, ergonomics are competitive to organize workspaces easily.
In today’s working environment, it is increasingly important for companies to consider all three pillars when contemplating workplace design. Flexible working presents a solution that can have a great impact on physical, metal and social health of workers. The benefits of such agile working provides staffs more workplace happiness other than salary. Furthermore, a mixed working space – with quiet areas, social areas, spaces with and without technology – could be the key to workplace happiness. It is widely considered to be the optimum environment for the majority of employees, as it enhances productivity and prevents isolation and loneliness.

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