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When Bigger Is Definitely Not Better
Maybe you've just scored your first exquisite apartment, or you're downsizing from a family home. Or maybe you just hope to live in a cosy set-up room. Whatever reason you're in the market for stylish, we're pleased to give you helpful ideas, Furniture in small spaces should be as attractive as the big stuff, and with much more versatile functions. Extra points for dual-functionality.
Remember, bigger is not definitely better, smaller is not only crowded. Don’t let your sofa be the only elegant in the room, with some stylish picks like end tables or metal decorations for small space living.
Before picking up a piece of furniture, determine how it is put together and if any of its parts are removable or detachable. Make sure you know where the furniture is its strongest - generally along a major horizontal element - and try to carry it from these points.

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