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About the office chair – how to remove
About the office chair – how to remove
As an office staff sitting at office table all day, office chair is absolutely necessary for us. Office chairs can help us increase productivity by providing us with a comfortable and convenient office experience. A small chair that allows us to move to where we want to go without getting up in the workspace. But the swivel chair isn't perfect, and you may encounter some "sudden situations". The worst accessory for a computer chair is the wheel, when the computer chair wheel is broken , it is necessary to reinstall a new wheel.
So, do you know how to remove the wheel of the office chair?
To know how to tear down the swivel chair, first of all, we have to understand what the chair is made of.  Now on the market office chair components are consisting of casters, chair feet, air rods, chassis, seat, armrests, seat back links, lumbar pillows, headrests and other parts. If we don’t pay attention to the selection of the office chair, it is not only harmful to health, but also easy to damage.
Just understanding the components of the office chair can not help us clearly understand how the office chair is removed, we also need to understand how it works. The office chair can lift because of the gas lift, it can play the function for support, buffer, braking, height adjustment and others.
After we understand components and operating principles, and then understand the failure that frequently occur , so that we clearly know when there is a problem and how to remove the chair. Generally speaking, the failure includes: Lifting failure, shaking from side to side, five prong broken and wheel off. 
First, use a screwdriver to remove the four screws on the opposite side of the seat, so that the seating panel and the base can be separated. Then grasp the fixed iron plate by hand and lift it up, and then use the hammer gently down to knock the chassis, the fixed iron plate and the chassis separated and then the bottom plate back, with a word screwdriver to pry off the middle of the chassis reed, seize the lifter and lift up, so that the lifter and chassis separate it.
At present, office chair has two kinds of wheels, one is screw type, and the other is pin type. Turn over the chair first, hook the iron core of the bad wheel with a nail, and gently knock it down with a hammer. The screw type will be more simple, just screw off the screw and then turn the wheel down.

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