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Office Chair Security Concerns

Computer chairs are easy to move and easy to lift up and down. Therefore, they are popular with most of the consumers. Nowadays, computer chairs are commonly used in the office or at home, we can also call it office chairs. What are included in the computer chairs? They are office star bases, gas lift, top plate, caster and seat.

In fact, there are security risks when using a computer chair, such as an explosion of  gas lift. Therefore, it is important for us to know how to choose a better gas lift for the office chair.

The reason cause the explosion:

1. The thickness of the tube is uneven and the pressure is too high.

2. Adjust height and rotate  frequently, and Cause overheating 

Normally, the gas lift is filled with high-purity inert gas – Nitrogen. When people sitting on the chairs,  Nitrogen inside the gas lift is pressurized and inflated, but the pressure is still within acceptable range and no problems occur. But when using some gas lift with poor quality, nitrogen is not pure enough, the material is bad, therefore, pressure inside the gas lift will suddenly rise when the temperature is high or we frequently use. And then causes an explosion.


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