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The First Choice of The Canteen -- Stainless Steel Table Base

  Generally speaking, the table base of canteen are made of stainless steel. This is mainly because the stainless steel table bases are not only easy to clean, but also more durable. So what are the factors that should be considered when the stainless steel table base are selected?

  the quality of the surface finishing: most consumers see whether the surface finish of the steel parts of the stainless steel table is smooth and whether the coating is peeling off. If there is no rust and the surface of table is smooth without scratches and other defects, then the quality is OK.

  Tabletop material requirements: The thickness of the toughened glass tabletop on stainless steel table base should generally be equal or greater than 12mm, the fireproof board thickness is 25mm. And please keep an eye on the table edge to see if it is flat and smooth and it should be no scratches, no lack of angle.

  Production quality: Look at whether the stainless steel table base has welding cracks and whether the screw or rivet joint is loose; and confirm the steel pipe rack is firmly connected with the table.

  The main provisions of the industry standard size: height of table base is 700mm-760mm; the height of chair base is 400mm-460mm; height of upholstered seat is 400mm-460mm.

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