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  Founded in 1990, UNIONSTAR is one of the biggest hardware furniture components manufacturers in China with a total production area covered more than 60,000 square meters. The established Intop Furniture Components Factory, Unilife Home Living and Heytel E-Commerce are the three major sectors of UNIONSTAR GROUP, collectively provide the most innovative and creative opportunities to our world-class clients, partners more than 30 countries. More than 500 employees are committed to providing customers with modern home integrated solutions.

  The Intop Furniture Components Factory

  The Intop Furniture Components Factory aims at luxury and high-end market. Advocating the philosophy of Original Design, Intop Furniture Ltd. worldwide sells metal furniture fittings: such as table bases, chair bases and sofa bases to over 100 countries and regions, and has built up long-term partnership with a number of international chain hotels, catering groups and many well-known domestic enterprises such as Marriott Group, Starbucks Group, McDonald's.



  Unilife Home Living

  Unilife Home Living is all about to create a new era of life following the core concept of environmental friendly enjoyment. Unilife devotes to provide high-quality metal products with unique original design for different groups. These characteristic metal furniture and accessories are truly meet the needs of the market, bringing the most intuitive visual and tactile innovation experience to people's home life and opening up another new lifestyle for public.

  Heytel E-Commerce

  Heytel E-Commerce provides a strong and convenient integrated services platform to every customer. Heytel is also one of the pioneers among the same industry: there is an outstanding team of elites who are good at channel operations, digital marketing operations, supply chain services and other core marketing services. Based on the core culture "stimulating innovation, advancing with times", Heytel pays attention to the cultivation and development of talents, providing staff with a solid platform for the development.

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