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The cleaning and maintenance of the glass end table

  the glass end table should be placed in a fixed place. Do not move back and forth freely. When moving things on it, you should support the bottom and take it lightly avoiding collision .

  Glass end table should be placed in dry place, away from the stove, and the chemical reagents such as acid, alkali to prevent corrosion deterioration.

  when wiping the dirt on the glass end table, you can use organic solvents like gasoline or alcohol. It is better to use the glass cleaning sold in the market, and avoid using the hard material to scrape it.

  keep the surface of the end table clean. Once there are water stains, oil stains or food residues left behind, they should be cleaned immediately. Generally speaking, keep clean at any time is the best maintenance method.

  Avoid heavy pressure or put too many things. Although the general end table is quite stable, the use is different as others after all.

  All the things on the table should be regularly moved and then replaced according to different materials after maintaining.

  The joint of the composite material needs to be cleaned and maintained strengthenly.


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