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Those Seemingly Unremarkable Designs in Casino

  Speaking of casinos, we are familiar with the city Las Vegas and Macao, where the gambling is allowed and legal. But do you know a lot of design intentions are hidden behind the gathering of money in the casino? Details are the lifeblood of a successful casino. Now we only analyze it from seemingly unremarkable designs:

  1. The oxygen content in the room to join more than 30%, so that everyone entering the casino is excited and tireless day and night; the suitable indoor temperature and fragrance mixing after researching by specialists make people comfortable without fatigue, it is in order to create a comfortable and safe atmosphere of psychological.

  2. Interior: Casino interior decoration are usually in warm colors, such as red, yellow. warm color can reduce the psychological sense of danger which makes the impulsive behavior; the hall will lay thick carpet that can create a warm and safe feeling,it let the gamblers relax vigilance;

  3. The feeling of light and space: no windows, no mirror, no time...they would like to play during the day and night forgetting the time. They do not feel upset when losing the money. Even the small amount of toilet is very effective to increase the time for gamblers in the casino . The casino lobby is wide and high full of slot machines, roulette, poker table. and the ceiling light is very bright dazzling people when raising their head. So everyone is immersed in gambling games.

  4. Chair is an important part of casino. One might ask: With all of the components that need to be managed to create the “integrated resort/casino” package, why should time be put into the buying process for casino chairs? In response, we bring your attention to one thing: Casino chairs are the thing that your players will be in physical contact with The Most while gaming. If your goal is create an experience, why would you completely neglect one of the most important of the 5 senses – touch? You will spend years planning the look of a property, you will find great chefs to create it’s taste, you will regulate and enhance it’s sound through music, so why wouldn’t you spend time on your casino’s feel?

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