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Fine Life Philosophy
      What is Fine Life
      Exquisite life is a kind of exploration of oneself. It is precisely to set up your purpose that can be actively explored, experienced, rediscovered and re-experienced. A person who’s in pursuit of exquisite quality depends on whether he has an ambitious positive and attitude towards life or not.
      The Pursuit of Fine Life
      Slow down your pace. Be humble to find the beauty around you. Put them in order. The pursuit of exquisite life is a kind of sophisticated, elegant enjoyment.      Exquisite life emphasizes personal taste and connotation. It is not only the delicacy of appearance, but also the disclosure of natural connotation, and more importantly, a mature and rational understanding of life.
      A rather big house may be not practically necessary, but the quality of furnishings must be reasonable. The decoration is not always luxurious, but it must be very comfortable. It doesn't have to be a famous but very clean. 
      Now we would like to introduce the Union Star CH-011 chair and see how its reflection on the pursuit of the concept of fine life.
      It is an ergonomic chair. Simple black-white design. Its cozy silhouette embraces the body, like inviting you to relax into its form. Knitted Legs is slim but strong to support the whole chair. The black and white color match shows the spirit of fine life  —“simple but exquisite”.
      Take a look at the UnionStar CH-008 unites simple design with steel materials. Its four legs with a brief frame that made of light tubes can reduce the weight while also providing the same high degree of stability as conventional chairs. The whole design is a perfect expression of aesthetics life quality. Legs and seat are connected by screws, so that the chair is easy to disassemble. CH-008 chases the harmonious balance between fine craftsmanship and the minimalism design. The black and white color match makes the chair simple and neat. Customers can alternatively choose their color match. There are four kinds of matches: the black legs with white seat or the black seat with white legs, the all black and all white. Both the seat and legs are finished with black and white powder coating.
      Choosing furniture is just like living, with carefully picking and selecting, taking the best home. UnionStar is devoted to provide the best quality of furniture to fulfill your exquisite and decent lifestyle. You are deserved to the better.

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