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assembling tutorial of swivel chair with star base
Office furniture are generally purchased in bulk neither with provide distribution with  installation services nor asking assembling professionals for help. The installation method is very simple that you can consider doing by yourself with its introduction guidance if there is only one or two simple parts of the office swivel chair. 
Step 1 – To clearly know about the components of the chair .
It is necessary to figure out how many components of the chair. Accordingly, the office chair is consisted of the back,seat, gas top plate, office chair base, castors and gas lift.
Step2 The connection between the base and the seat cushion
Press the castors to the base( screw them if castors with threaded rod). Put the gas lift into the centre hole of the base, then install the seat part into gas lift.
Step 3 Seat cushion installation. The seat is fixed on the gas top plate with bolts.
Step 4 The back and seat connection. You can also connect the back and the seat cushion first, then together with the gas top plate since connecting the seat and the back is more complicated.
Installation of office chair is simple and easy. Let’s try.

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