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Spirit of the Craftsman
        Craftsman were skilled as a technical worker in the eyes of most Chinese in the past. But in early 2016, Premier Li Keqiang introduced a concept in the government work report "To encourage enterprises to launch personalized customization, flexible production processes and to foster a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best, so that we can increase varieties, improve quality and create brand of our product."It makes craftsmanship spirit executive and distinguished!
        What is the spirit of craftsman? It actually refers to the spirit concept of craftsman's exquisite dedication to the product, their paying attention to every details and constantly perfecting the product. craftsman are interested in carving products, improving craft and enjoying the sublimation of the product in their hands. The spirit of craftsman is aimed at creating the best quality products which is unmatched by other peers in the industry. To sum up, The craftsman spirit is the creative spirit of pursuing excellence, the spirit of striving for the best and service spirit of customer first.
        In the spirit of craftsman, the most impressive are Germany and Japan, both of which are high-end manufacturing powers. Relevant statistics show that, as of 2012, more than 200 years of history enterprises in the world. Japan has 3146, accounting for the largest proportion, Germany has 837, Holland has 222, France has 196. It must be said that the secret of these "longevity enterprises" is the craftsman spirit.
        The proof of the craftsman spirit is hidden in every detail that deserves to be magnified and appreciated.
        UNIONSTAR has been carrying on a sentence for many years: "the proof of the craftsman spirit is hidden in every detail that deserves to be magnified and appreciated." UNIONSTAR focus on the details of products, improve our technology, develop new products, obtain many patented products, and achieve outstanding achievements in the furniture hardware industry.
        The processing precision of UNIONSTAR products reach 1/10 of the hair. Blank before plating is polished and cleaned up the dust on the surface. Our products are based on the plating of bathroom products. the CASS test has reached 7 grade.
        In the future, as the member of UNIONSTAR, we will continue to pursue the craftsman spirit, refine our products, improve our technology, and to research new patented products. We will become a better craftsman of furniture hardware.

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